What is Serging

Serging is a wraparound yarn that finishes the edge of rugs and carpets. This also adds a luxurious look and feel to any rug. Serging yarn is available in Cotton, Wool, and Polyester yarn. Serging yarn comes in lots of colors to match or compliment your rug. Most oriental and woven rugs are serged and or Fringed at ends. Here at Carpet Ends we can create beautiful rugs for you, Being serged, Bound or Fringed.
Check out ourbindingand ourfringingpages for additional ideas.

Ways to Use Your New Rug

Once your carpet or rug have been bound, you can place it anywhere in the home. Some of the benefits of these rugs include:

  • Keep the floors clean. Catch dirt and grime without damaging your wood floors. By choosing a custom runner which works well in doorways, hallways, and mudrooms. Rugs also create  a welcoming environment. These rugs can be replaced easily without breaking the bank in the event they are ruined.
  • Add to the decor. Being able to choose any carpet or rug style rather than selecting a pre-made area rug gives you complete control over the design. Choose the shape, size, color, and pattern that fit your interior decor best. There are hundreds of stock items to choose from, or you can bring your own. The possibilities are endless.